Alison & her Golden, Randy Minimize 
Alison and her Golden, Randy
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Egil painting Uncle Arnel
  Alison Hoffman Lane, Author Minimize 

Born and raised in New Orleans, Alison has a love and appreciation for one of the most unique cultures in the world. During her middle school years, she lived with her family lived in Key West, FL, which further added to her wonderment of life.  The family returned home to New Orleans during her high school years. As an adult, except for short periods in both California and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Alison has spent her life in New Orleans.

In 1995, she graduated with a BSN from William Carey College and passed Boards to become an RN specializing in peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis, chemotherapy administration and PICC line insertions. She is currently on the IV Team at Touro Infirmary.

She enjoys spending time in her garden with her Golden Retriever, Randy, and her cat, Casey, always nearby. She loves music, dancing, sailing, fishing, crabbing and welcomes all the time she can get near, on, or in the water. But mostly, Alison loves time spent with her family.

 Egil Thompson, Illustrator Minimize 

     Born in San Francisco, Egil Thompson has taken classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, earned an Associate of Art (AA) degree from Santa Rosa Junior College, and graduated from Sonoma State University, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Summa Cum Laude with distinction.
     Currently at work on the second book in The Adventures of Uncle Arnel series, Egil finds enjoyment in depicting the outdoors. Having been raised in rural, northern California he has great love for the natural world. With an interest in old world craftsmanship, and a focus on historical imagery, he paints in different forms of traditional media, including oils, egg tempera, gouache, water color, and has also done work digitally. Egil specializes in imagery that is both photorealistic and fantastical in nature.

     With a keen interest for inspiring young readers, Egil feels that children’s books offer a gateway into worlds of adventure and fantasy while also generating interest in the natural environment. He feels that The Adventures of Uncle Arnel will help create enthusiasm for the unique ecosystems of the swamps of Louisiana as well as introduce children to many new types of flora and fauna.

      You can see more of Egil's work at www.childrensillustrators.com/egilthompson


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