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The first title Uncle Arnel and the Swamp Witch is available NOW!


 Pelican Publishing Company, Inc., 1000 Burmaster St., Gretna, LA 70053-2246.


These are a couple of the first rough sketches by Egil. Being from North California, Egil made his first visit to New Orleans where we walked through the Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve. Egil wanted  first hand experience and to be up close and personal with Uncle Arnel's home!

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Uncle Arnel and Marie hiding from the Swamp Witch
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Aunt Cherie and Marie
  Cypress Island Swamp, Louisiana Minimize 
Cypress Island Swamp
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 THE ADVENTURES OF UNCLE ARNEL A Children's Book Series Minimize 

The Adventures of Uncle Arnel is an engaging and imaginative children's book series easily enjoyed by children and adults alike. These stories are about a Petite Cajun family's adventures in the Acadian Swamps and Bayous in South Louisiana.

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Anxiously waiting to meet you are Uncle Arnel, Aunt Cherie and their niece, Marie.

Uncle Arnel is a kind hearted, hard worker who enjoys having fun. He loves meandering through the numerous bayou and swamp waterways in his pirogue. Uncle Arnel is an accomplished musician playing his accordion whenever he can.

Aunt Cherie is loving, happy, content and takes pride in preparing a feast of a meal for her family. She can usually be found in the kitchen wearing her apron and is always ready to dance whenever Uncle Arnel pulls out his accordion.

Marie, the storyteller, is outgoing, confident and happy. She loves her swamp excursions with Uncle Arnel. Marie is always ready with her fiddle when Uncle Arnel pulls out his accordion.

Marie, Uncle Arnel and Aunt Cherie's home sits on a bayou bank with their front porch overlooking the bayou. There is a pier jetting over the water where Uncle Arnel’s pirogue is tied and ready for their next outing.

Read about the "Petite Cajuns" as Marie shares her family's exciting adventures in the swamps of Louisiana.


Stories written by Alison Hoffman Lane

Illustrations by Egil Thompson

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  Copyright 2011 by Alison Lane
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